Meet Prampockets designer, Andrea Skinner…

“When I was a first time Mum I spent a lot of time out and about with my baby girl in her buggy, she was 10 weeks old at the time and it wasn’t long before I noticed I was ALWAYS missing calls to my mobile phone and my purse was NEVER where I needed it. I was constantly rummaging around in the baby changing bag looking for my mobile phone, my keys or purse, which was always in the basket under the buggy. I couldn’t get to anything I needed in a hurry.

I decided I needed my most important possessions closer to me. So, I sat at my sewing machine, designed and made the first Prampocket.

The fun and funky designs have two velcro straps, which wrap over the handlebar of the buggy, and the zip across the top means instant access to all your belongings. The Prampocket is water resistant so there is no need to pack it away if you’re caught in the rain. It’s fully lined and has boning across the top to keep its shape.

Shopping trips are made easier and safer by having my cash and credit cards at my fingertips – literally! There’s even room for baby’s accessories, such as a dummy, or a small toy for those times when I need to keep the peace whilst I shop a little longer. And now that we’re going into the summer months the Prampocket is the best place to keep the sun cream!!!

Your pockets will never be big enough for all these items, making Prampockets the essential pram accessory. And not only that, my pram carries them all for me.

The Prampocket makes a lovely affordable gift for any mother….. When everyone else is buying presents for baby, it’s nice for mum to receive a gift also….
Any mum on the run should have one.”

Baby Accessory Designer, Andrea Skinner

Testimonial –
“I was given my first Prampocket (I couldn’t resist recently buying another one!) as a baby shower gift and my buggy has never been out without it firmly attached! I absolutely love it and use it for all those bits and bobs that I need to keep safe and in one accessible place rather than in the dark depths of my changing bag! It has lots of admirers when I’m out and about and I would really recommend it as a top must have for all mummy’s. A lovely treat for yourself (you deserve it!) or a wonderful unique gift for any mum or mum to be.”
Helen, first time mummy to Jessica. Chelmsford.